Posted by: Lea | December 3, 2010

Reading Inspires Me

I love to read. Reading gives me the opportunity to see another person’s perspective on any given subject. I don’t read novels much and when I do, they are more in the category of fantasy/science fiction, which inspires my imagination to visualize what it might be like being in the scenes described by the author. I mostly like reading autobiographies/biographies and self improvement books, the later being the most of my reading focus the past year or so.

I’ve learned though, that no matter how much wisdom a book contains, it’s of no use to me if the wording of the book is rambling, instead of smooth and flowing, leading me, the reader, easily through the authors perceptions, perspectives, experiences, knowledge and so on.

Another is when I have problems relating to the concepts being discussed. One example could be Westerners reading books based on Eastern religious or spiritual concepts. Personally, I can grasp the concepts, but can’t relate to the native names for chakras, the various levels of the mind, bodies, whatever. So when I hit the names and titles that are foreign to me, it isn’t a smooth and easy read for me. It’s more like hitting speed bumps. Don’t take me on a tour of your entire mind and knowledge.  I just want to get to the heart of what the author was motivated by when they decided to write a book.

I’ve also discovered that spiritual authors sometimes make it sound as though the techniques or methods for a practice are rigid, meaning they believe that it has to be done a certain way with little or no modification. One thing I’ve learned during my life is, I am not a peg that can easily fit into peg holes created by someone else. I can use their instruction as a guide, but in the end, I must adjust it to what is comfortable for me and what works for me. Thus my discovery that there’s several ways to reach one particular goal.

Right now I’m 3/4 the way through reading the book called, the Three “Only” Things, by Robert Moss. I read some customer reviews before buying the book, most of which were good. From the reviews, I got the impression that the book used simple language, was easy to read and understand. I’m relieved to say that my impression is correct.

What I like about the Three “Only” Things is, the three only things are about topics I’m interested in, believe in and have experienced at one time or another, but didn’t appreciate as fully as I am beginning to since I started reading this book.

What are the three only things? Robert Moss gives special attention to how dreams, coincidence and imagination can and has benefited people, including famous people in history from around the world over the centuries. Mr. Moss devotes a chapter or more to each, discussing why and how they are beneficial to us and how we can be more open to their messages. Then he uses his own experiences and experiences from those attending his workshops, as well as the famous from history as examples.

One thing I’ve notice is that I have been remembering my dreams more often after waking in the morning, than I did before starting this book. And I’m not doing anything noticeably different. I’m also focusing on stimulating my imagination again and paying  more attention to coincidences instead of passing them off.

What books have you read or are reading that stimulated or inspired you?


  1. I like reading, too, for the same reasons. There are some writing styles that I find very difficult to read as well. Stephen King is one example. He has great fiction stories but I just cannot follow them. He uses flashbacks extensively.

    I like Dan Brown and John Grisham. Their writing keeps me in suspense and flows well throughout and yet still able to maintain the element of surprise in the end.

    There are non-fiction books I enjoy reading quite frequently, too, such as self-help and psychology books. I read such a wide variety of them and find so many of them very interesting and helpful that I cannot really think of any particular ones to mention.

    • It can be a challenge sometimes finding an author with a writing style we appreciate. Psychology….helpful and useful to know. I know what you mean about self help books being too many to name. There are a lot of them to choose from.


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