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Dual Natures-Spiritual and Human

I normally publish inspiring messages or information related to self improvement through positive thoughts type posts. The thing is, even though all this is good, and I hope it’s helpful to everyone that reads it, it’s really just half of the story. In reality, we have dual natures, the spiritual and the human.

Duality of spiritual and human

In truth we live a life of duality. We are spiritual beings and human beings while living in this world. This physical world and universe is made up of dualities, opposites. Which means for every positive, good, godly form of energy around and inside us, there is also the negative, bad (dare I say evil?), and ungodly. And you can’t have balance if you tip the scales one way or the other. We have to find a way to live in balance of the two opposing energies.

In essence, we are challenged to balance the light and shadow energies

Does that mean I’m saying it’s okay to do some of the negative ideas that pop into our minds or the harm some people do to others is okay? Heavens no! I’m saying, be aware of all your thoughts, positive and negative, observe them without judging yourself.

According to the Kabbalah and Hindu teachings, as we progress on the spiritual path, we become more aware of our ego and our negative thoughts. This is a good thing, as it gives us an opportunity to observe them and to make corrections as we are able to. See, the answer isn’t in resisting, ignoring, burying or trying to destroy our ego or negative energies, but in seeing our negative, and by being aware of them, we bring light to them. Then corrections will take place.

Why are we born with the dualities of good and bad?

The spiritual world is pure, as is the Creator and we as souls. But how can any intelligent being realize that they are purity unless it also knows the experience of impurity? The best way for our souls to see our true selves as the pure and loving light beings that we are, is to be able to experience the opposite. This is why the physical universe was created, why it contains these opposing energies and why we are given amnesia of our true being and the spiritual world at birth. This world and universe is a school that offers each and every one of us an opportunity to experience lessons that will enable us to rediscover our true essence.

Experiencing hardships and pain

We cannot avoid experiences that challenge us or cause us pain, and in reality these are the lessons that teaches us the most, if we allow them to. Should we then put our focus on experiences that create hardships and pain?  I don’t think anyone would be willing to go that far. I know I’m not.  I think life gives us enough experiences to learn from, created by exercising our free will, without our deliberately seeking them.

Hindsight is 20/20

Finding the positive in a challenging or painful experience can take time. In my experience, the positive portion of the lesson comes only after some healing has occurred, which is usually a while after the ending of the experience. In hindsight, I have learned that part of my problem is that I get overwhelmed. The reason I find myself in the overwhelmed syndrome  is because, at these times, I don’t have a support base, someone who I can confide in, get constructive feedback from and so forth. And the other part is that I have this risk taking spirit of jumping in with both feet before testing the waters. This causes people to back away, leaving me without a confidant, or advisory and constructive feedback support.

So what does this have to do with having balance between opposites?

Experiences are just that, experiences. They are life lessons intended to teach us about ourselves, the good and bad. We were created to have both in this world and it serves us to know both sides of ourselves, the spiritual being and the human. We need to know both aspects and neither should be ignored in order for us to develop balance between the two. Then we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience.



  1. We stretch and grow by maintaining the balance….like in yoga 😉

    • Yes we do Dawn. And we can’t grow in the right way if we are not aware of all the areas that need growth. Have a beautiful day 🙂


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