Posted by: Lea | June 8, 2009

Link Between Beliefs and DNA Found

For decades scientists believed that only our genes regulated our health. If you were born with a physical condition, it was attributed to a bad gene and the same for health conditions later in life. Scientists are changing their statements now and are saying that our environment and how we perceive it, nurturing or hostile, is what affects our DNA thus affecting our health, good or bad, depending on whether your beliefs are positive or negative.

If you have doubts about the affect our perceptions have on our thoughts, our beliefs and how our beliefs affect our interactions with others, our environment and our sense of well being, listening to Dr. Lipton, who is a physician, author and research scientist, or reading his book will help you put two and two together.

The first video is a 1:12 intro, where in the last two, Dr. Lipton goes into more scientific detail. I added them in case you are interested in the scientific reasoning or wanted more information.

Healing Perceptions with Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Bruce Lipton – Biology of Perception Part 1

Biology of Belief Part 2

I only posted two of the seven videos in total. If you would like to see the other remaining videos in this series, this link will take you to the search page where you will be able to access them all. Bruce Lipton Biology of Perception



  1. I am a huge follower of Dr. Lipton and I’m convinced he’s on the right track. I’ve started a website for weightloss using his ideas about changing perceptions and losing weight…working so far.

    Thanks for the videos. I can’t get enough of this guy!


  2. I would really like to see these videos but they are gone. I am going to follow the other link you have here to watch them. I am sure they are amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

    Love and Blessings,


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