Posted by: Lea | June 3, 2009

Today I Woke Up-Daniel Votino

We all have dreams. Our dreams can contain simple or magnificent places, things, people and occasions. And over time, our dreams can change. But, it’s important that we dream, because dreams can come true.

What if one day you woke up to discover you were everything you could have ever dreamed to be?

Today I woke up!!!



  1. Lea these are lovely words and sentiments … however did you manage to find them? I must admit that I am not keen on the music though!

  2. Dear Lea, I keep seeing you on all the pages of the people I love. So I had to come and see who you are. I discovered that I like who you are very very much. You are beautiful, soothing and embracing.

    I love this video. The sentiments are expansive and brought tears to my eyes, as did the music. Yes, I actually liked the music. 🙂 I found it soothing and liked it because it DIDN’T interfere with the message. In fact I felt it added to it because it was…..Yes, it just WAS. LOL!!! What I mean is that it was just in the background yet still soothing.

    Love your post on judgment. Very beautiful. I’ve added you on twitter and am going to see if you are on stumble or facebook or Blog Catalog. I really am moved by your work.

    Thank you.
    Hugs, Robin

  3. Today I woke up…
    The words are truth… and for all
    the music is very inspirational..
    do you know the music title and recording artist?

    would greatly appreciate knowing..
    God bless you..” Real Good”

    Ernie…….. Great Grandpa

    • I believe Daniel Votino is the music artist. I’ve contacted Mr Votino and I am hopeful he will provide the information you requested soon.

      • My Goodness, you are terrific….
        thanks you so much…

        Treasure life…………….. Ernie


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