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A New Day-A New You

I have the honor of introducing you to Ivan Campuzano of as today’s guest author. I would like to thank Ivan for sharing this wonderful article on Ocean Of Perspectives.

How To Create a New Day and A New You

“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self- Aldous Huxley

Your personal growth is dependent on the new experiences you create for yourself. The problem is that we mostly live our daily lives from our minds memory, living your life from memory is easy and comfortable because you have a reference for it. Many people when they find themselves with completely new situations become hesitant and say no to life. If you continue to live the same routine day in and day out many parts of your being will become stagnate. If you learn to experience life head on and in the moment you will realize that different aspects of your being will be used and in the process you will expand your awareness and perspective. Learn to be fully present in everything you do, than new experiences will become amazing learning experiences.

“Through travel I first become aware of the outside world; it was through travel that I found my own introspective way into becoming part of it” Eudora Welty

Creating a New Day:

Every morning ask yourself what you want today to be like? Everyday as soon as you awake learn to watch and become aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts are essentially the constructs of your reality; a thought is a frozen moment in a stream of consciousness. When you create your day it is created through your thoughts. The reason it’s important to watch your internal dialogue is so that you become aware of the theme that you are creating for your day. If you realize that through your thoughts you are sabotaging what you want to do, than change your internal dialogue. It’s also important to not create things you can’t accept, because than you are not going to be willing to live them when they appear in your life. You say that you would like a new job, but if you are not ready in your internal world you will squander the opportunity when it shows up in your life.

Contemplate this for a second; what attitude would you like to live? That you are a creature of circumstances, or that you are a master in the making who will overcome circumstances? That you are a powerful divine being, or that you are simply a powerless human part of a random evolution? The attitudes that you adopt as your own will shape how you respond to your outside world and ultimately the life that you will create. If you constantly believe that you are a creature of circumstances you will continue to struggle and resist your environment because you see you’re self as separate from it. If you learn to become the master of your internal world you will learn how to work and move with your environment and will create opportunities for yourself.

Be yourself, become the observer of your life, learn to create your life from the perspective of the observer. Experience is relative to you, it’s your life. Learn to observe your thoughts. When you become a witness to your internal world, you will become very intimate with the thoughts and feelings of doubt. You can think of doubt as a word that explains the desire not to participate in your life. It is a barrier in the brain, it prevents you from changing.

Have you ever noticed that when you wake up in the morning for a split second you don’t remember who you are. The next few moments you spend reorienting yourself with your identity. You get up and while brushing your teeth you stare at your self in the mirror, on a subtle level you are just remembering who you are. If everyday you start out like this, having to remember who you are. What are the chances that your day will turn out to be unique. What if before you tried to remember who you are you remembered what you wanted to be? This is a radically different perspective in living your day to day life. You remember who you want to be instead of bonding with an old self. In those few critical moments you have the opportunity to have an amazingly different day. When you awake in morning fill your mind with the thoughts of your desired intention for the day. Do this a few times and you will notice that you will start to become a slightly different person each day.

What you are and who you are is very important. Understanding your true nature is vital because once you feel it, you will get the confidence to take baby steps into the unknown. You will get a taste of your true power; little by little you will begin to cultivate your god given abilities to create your life with joy and deliberate purpose. To many people who read this it will sound like a bunch of new age rambling. But to people who have had glimpses of their true potential will know that deep down there has always been something more to who they really are. They did not understand it but they could feel that something was there. If this is you I want to encourage you to keep exploring this mind set and live your life from this perspective. You will prove to yourself your true power, once you begin to live your life from the inside out, instead of trying to make sense of your life from the outside world. There are no answers to anything outside of your self, change will only occur from what you change within yourself. Sure you will get ideas and inspiration from the external world, just don’t give it more credit than it deserves. The true catalyst and ultimately the manifestation came from the changes you made and accepted within yourself.

The only thing that matters is what you think about yourself. Please take the time right now to “think about” what you “think about your life”. If you really think about it objectively without judgment I think you will come to find that the things you have been living every single day is all that you thought you where capable of, except for these kinds of moments when you stop and contemplate what you think about your life. These glimpses if you catch them will help you wonder than remember; you just needed someone to encourage you. Start thinking that you are more than what you are everyday, and learn from the direct experiences of your life and you will develop your sense of knowingness.

When you start to change rapidly, many of the people around you will begin to act differently because you are changing. Don’t be afraid to change because you think the people around you will suffer. If they become jealous it is only because they see someone who is clear on what they want and see them move with it. They don’t change because they have not developed the courage to change. Be a shining example of what is possible when you learn to move with your life. It’s up to them if they decide to stay in the normal and comfortable. You should not feel distressed, continue your journey and if the people you care about are one day ready you will be there to offer guidance and support.

“When the student is ready, the master appears.”- Buddhist Proverb

Below are some ideas on how you can develop an eye for greatness. Great things are all around you, you just need to train your self to see it. Learning to become aware of new things in your surroundings will give you ideas to work with in creating a new you.

1. Try and think about new things everyday. Than take action by doing things that will fully engage the use and stimulation of your senses: Music, movies, people, philosophy, food, travel, communication, technology, sports, etc.

2. Keep a Journal; name it your book of “Thoughts and Ideas”. Each day write down everything you did. What music did you listen too? Book you read? What did you learn? What would you like to implement? What random thoughts did you ponder over? Overtime your book can become an amazing record keeper of your mental progression. It makes a great way of sparking ideas that have been brewing in your consciousness from days to months. By constantly reviewing your book your mind will construct patterns (associations) that can spark a new great idea from all the randomness.

3. Learn to see everything that is going on around you. You can do this by not focusing your field of vision on anything in particular. Learn to simply see with your eyes and using your whole field of vision by not fixating on one single point.

When you begin to think in terms of change you will constantly see opportunities and eventually create an opportunity that was never there.

Learn to observe how your friends analyze their surroundings. You might be able to come up with a brilliant idea by observing how your friends react to their surroundings. Look close enough and you will discover a need that is currently not being satisfied.

I just want to thank you for reading my article; I hope it encourages you to embrace the only constant which is change. Keep your identity fluid; move with life, in the end all that matters is how you played the game. Enjoy going into the unknown, and in the process enriching your life as well as the life of others. – Ivan Campuzano

Ivan Campuzano’s ebook Enlightenment in a PDF

Ivan’s website



  1. Great poem………wonderful advice.

  2. Great poem………wonderful advice.

  3. What an incredibly content rich post. I love these kind of posts. Thank you so much for sharing it. Where do you find all these people Lea?

  4. What an incredibly content rich post. I love these kind of posts. Thank you so much for sharing it. Where do you find all these people Lea?

  5. It’s all in your mind 🙂 As simple as that, however the mundane activity makes the bottom of the priority list!

    Thanks a lot, Lea for introducing + hosting Ivan here 🙂

  6. It’s all in your mind 🙂 As simple as that, however the mundane activity makes the bottom of the priority list!

    Thanks a lot, Lea for introducing + hosting Ivan here 🙂


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