Posted by: Lea | March 9, 2009

Can Our Thoughts Affect Water?

Masaru Emoto has studied water’s reaction to positive and negative forms of energy, including human thoughts, and his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, is based on his findings.

Some question as to how scientific and unbiased Masaru Emoto was during these experiments. Nonetheless, I found this interesting and you can draw your own conclusions, which I hope you will share in the comments section, after watching the video.

This was taken from a segment of Bleep2 that shows photographs of the resultant water crystals after each experiment.

Water and Mind – How Consciousness effects Water




  1. Thank you.

    Yes, I hope, I can imagine what our thoughts can do to us.

    Our thoughts are like vehicles, media, channels or waves of energies through which or by which our consciousness react, function and travel.

    Yours humbly,


  2. There are still many things in the universe that we didn’t explore and the most important one is ourselves and the power lie beneath us 🙂


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