Posted by: Lea | March 6, 2009

Our Thoughts-Our Reality

We make life real by the thoughts we project

The panorama of the objective world is meaningless until we interact with it. If there is a rock that we pass day after day, but do not notice, then that rock has no significance for us. If we decide to make that rock a devotion object and pray to it for decades, then that rock becomes quite important. To an outsider who does not agree with the rock’s assigned meaning, it will continue to be just a rock. In all cases, the rock was just a rock. It was only human interactions that created its meaning.

It’s a mistake to assume that the meaning we give to some things is as concrete and tangible as the object itself. We should not confuse the two. Our house may be precious to us, but our sense of preciousness has nothing to do with the building, it comes from the values and memories we associate with it. If we lose our house, we must remember that it is the feelings we have for it, not just the building itself, that determines our loss.

If all perception of reality is subjective, some schools of thought suggest that we should therefore see everything as unreal. It’s necessary for us to interact with the world and work with the phenomena of projecting meaning and receiving its echoes. As long as we remember that meanings we attribute to objects are subjective, we will avoid mistakes.-365 Tao Daily Meditations

How Words Affect Your Thoughts

As with your thoughts, you are the only one to see and hear every word you write or speak. As a result, your language has a very powerful affect on you. This is especially so because the words you use to describe your experiences help you to form your opinions about them and help you to give them meaning, which brings them into your conscious reality.

Think back to a time you stretched and yawned. As you stretched and yawned, you probably told yourself that you were tired and you acted in a way that demonstrated that you were tired. Remember when you felt joy connected to a new romantic interest, in time you most likely told yourself that you were in love. This intensified your feelings and you behaved as you believed a person in love should behave and did all the things you associate with being in love.

When we name our experiences we magnify them and give them a life of their own.  When something is named, you firmly bring it into your physical reality. This is why words are a powerful factor in your perception and experience of the world.  You need to use words that reflects your highest, most positive and spiritual self.

Rearrange your use of words and avoid negative statements as much as possible. Strengthen your focus by using words that communicate the positive you want in your reality instead of the negative, such as what you don’t want.



  1. Word do greatly affect our perception of a situation, and if our perception is negative, then the experience will be negative too. Instead, if we can go into things thinking positively, even if something bad does happen, we will be able to focus on the positives and not mull over the negatives.

    ~ Kristi

  2. Thank you Kristi; you explained it very well. Have a wonderful weekend filled with love & blessings 🙂

  3. Manifest what you preach, do you?….It doesn’t always happen, but we do try.

  4. Hi Jude

    We create and attract energy, (good or bad), depending on our thinking and perceptions, which affects our attitude and behavior. We have a choice as to what type of energy we want to be prominent in our lives. That does not mean that if we practice positive thinking, that we will get everything we want or that we will never experience the less desired emotions or experiences. What will be of benefit to us is that our perceptions of any given situation will be less negative, therefore lessening the negative impact on us. Have a marvelous weekend Jude, filled with love & blessings 🙂