Posted by: Lea | February 27, 2009

Consciousness-Mind Over Matter

Our reality is a hologram created by the world’s collective minds. If one or more individual mind changes their perceptions, it will have an affect on the world’s collective minds. Watch the video to have it explained better than I am able to.

Mind Over Matter




  1. Another excellent video…I like the section on fear/anxiety about the future, very applicable right now…it’s a fine line, between facing harsh truths in order to change them and perpetuating them by focusing too much on them and ‘feeding the matrix’.

  2. Hi Lisa

    Thank you, I always like positive feedback πŸ™‚

    Fear makes us question our ability to survive and if you think about the current situation, it’s not life threatening. If one is willing to accept material losses and be willing to live a simpler life, then fear will diminish.

    Thank you for sharing Lisa. Love & blessings

  3. Great video..I watch it few times.

  4. Hi bonoriau

    I’m glad to hear it. BTW, I also liked your post on Ten ways to survive the economy without a bailout. Useful information πŸ™‚ Love & blessings

  5. I have learned to create protocols within me that do things on automatic now. As long as that which comes to me and leaves (received and released) me is for the highest good and harms none. Application is a master key. Diligence requires a commitment to self love. From there we can do anything.

    Bless it be.


  6. Hi Aeon

    The more you practice a behavior and activity, the more it becomes natural and automatic to you. Self love has taken a beating in society because it was confused with ego and being egotistical. Which self love is loving yourself without being in love with yourself.

    Thank you for sharing Aeon. Love & blessings πŸ™‚


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