Posted by: Lea | February 18, 2009

Will Globalization Bring World Peace?

I’ve heard it said that globalization is the only way for world peace. I was a little surprised to hear that. Why? Because peace requires people, people who practice peace daily in their lives, not governments or organizations.

So long as the majority of people look outside of themselves to solve their problems or to find their happiness, ignoring what they can do to improve themselves as a part of the world’s human race, then there will always be conflicts and hostilities.

I’ve wrote several articles on how a person’s ego plays a large role in why people think the way they do, which in turn leads them to behaving in negative and self serving ways. There are organizations who claim to want to bring peace or are working for the betterment of Earth and all its inhabitants that use force of one kind or another in an attempt to make things as they think they should be. The people active in such organizations, though their intentions might be good, they are still working from the ego mind.

So how is globalization going to correct this kind of behavior? It can’t. Governments and laws can not eliminate incorrect thinking or actions, as you know if you read the newspapers or watch the TV news. At best, they can only deter some harmful behavior. And this is accomplished through fear of retribution, not instilling love and harmony into people. The only way to correct bad behavior is to correct your thinking. Buddha knew this and it’s listed in the Eight-Fold Path.

World peace will happen only when all people of the world, individually, realize that their answers lie within themselves and not outside, such as with their government or authoritative figures.

I am reminded of a passage I heard as a child from the Bible where the people, now referred to as Jews, asked God to give them a King. God asked them why they needed a King, for he (God) was here to guide them. But the people insisted and God selected Saul to be King and rule over the people. Over time, Saul became corrupted by his position of wealth and power and was later replaced by David as King. And we know the story of David, both good and bad. I’m sorry I can not quote the specific passage nor remember its exact location in the Bible and only refer to it to make a point.

Because wealth and power has such a strong and corrupting influence on people, there will not be peace. As long as we as individuals ignore our true inner being, allow our minds, (ego), to rule our thoughts and actions, we will not be able to feel united because we will not see how we are all one.

Globalization, governments, authoritative figures nor laws can do this for us. It is something we all have to take responsibility for and do for ourselves.

If you truly want world peace, then make peace with yourself first. Connect with your true self and your source. That is where each of us will find love, acceptance, harmony and peace. Which in turn we will spread to the people, environment and the world around us. Only then will there truly be world peace.


  1. Hi Lea

    You have been tagged, please check my latest post.

  2. If you truly want world peace, then make peace with yourself first. Connect with your true self and your source.

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I have a lovely book to recommend to you and your readers that deals with this very topic. It can easily be read in one sitting and you’ll want to share it with others when you’re done.

    The Buddha and the Terrorist by Satish Kumar, a retelling of the ancient parable of Angulimala.

  3. Indeed Lea; the coin always has two faces so if one face claim the ‘better world’ for some people, the other one declare ‘worst one’ for others.

    Understanding ourselves is the way to have a better life at least on the personal scale.

  4. Hi Hicham

    Yes, it’s impossible for governments and institutions to make everyone happy. If we know our true selves, live our lives with love and peace, then we can guide our governments and organizations toward a healthy balance in our own countries and in the world. Right now too much is in favor of self serving people and groups. This is hurting countless people throughout the world.

    Thank you for sharing your views Hicham and have a wonderful weekend 😀

  5. This is a beautiful article and a good start toward peace.
    First we need to understand that we are all mortals ,and as mortals we can not
    comprehend the immortal or understand its logic. Just accept and respect the creation, and live at peace with all men as much as is possibly allowed.
    Love and trust your own judgement ,and follow no man blindly. Ask for proof for
    everything you accept in your belief system. Make sure there is no way of reason
    before killing or dieing for any cause. Try to love and respect others and thier needs. Practice the Golden Rule if at all possible.

    • Very well said Robert. If people followed most of your suggestions, wars would become passe. Thank you Robert


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