Posted by: Lea | February 11, 2009

Ego vs Abundance

Most people are completely unaware of how their ego is interfering with their ability to attract abundance. Asking for, taking action or visualizing will have little effect if your intention is out of place and you are doing things only as a means to and end.

Do you know someone who is extremely good at their job and exudes an aura of pleasure, even joy while they do their work? Whenever there are two people doing the same job, have you ever wondered why one will do the work with ease and contentment, while the other one, though competent in their work, just seems to be going  through the motions?

People who excel in their work are working without ego. Work is like a spiritual experience for them, whether they realize it or not. Though they are present in the now while they do their work, unfortunately, they often revert back into relative unconsciousness in their private life, because their state of being present in the moment is limited to only one area of their life.

There are people who perform their work exceedingly well without  seeking self recognition or reward and fully respond to whatever the moment demands of them. They are in union with what they are doing, connected to the now and with the people or task involved.

These are the people who influence others above and beyond the act they perform. They stimulate the shrinking of ego in all who comes in contact with them, including people with strong egos. Those who work without ego are extraordinarily successful at what they do. Whenever you are one with what you are doing, you are contributing to the new collective consciousness.

There are also many people who are technically good at what they do,  but whose ego sabotages their work time after time. This is because their attention is divided between their work and the ego self. Their ego demands personal recognition and wastes energy in resentment if it doesn’t get enough and with ego, there is never enough.

If your primary focus is to obtain profit or power, your work will be  nothing more than a means to achieving that goal. Where work is mainly a means to an end, it cannot and will not be of high quality. Whenever challenges arise in your work, you will resist becoming one with the new situation and resist the demands of the moment. Instead you will react against the situation and in doing so, separate yourself from its possible benefits.

The ego part of me feels outraged. Energy is wasted in protests, anger and resentment, where you could use this energy for solving the situation. This negative energy will also create new challenges, obstacles and opposition for you. Thus you are being your own worse enemy.

Ego does not comprehend, therefore does not understand, cooperation. That is unless there is an underlying motive. When you withhold help or information from others, attempt to secretly weaken them for fear they might become more successful or receive more recognition than you, you are unconsciously sabotaging your own work.

The ego part of the mind doesn’t understand that the more you include others, the more smoothly things will flow and things will come more easily to you. By giving little help, no help, or cause obstacles for others, you are severing yourself  from the whole and this causes the universe to give obstacles, little help or no help back to you.

The ego’s unconscious and innate belief in not having enough is what causes people to react to the success of others as though that success has taken something away from the ego’s me. Ego doesn’t see that your resentment of another person’s success hinders your own chances of success.

To attract success, you need to accept it regardless of where you see it.



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  2. You have done an excellent job of illustrating how spirit and ego affect the work that we do. Love this! I have known many who work from ego and they are very frustrated souls indeed. Thank-you for sharing your wisdom.

  3. Very good post Lea and it makes perfect sense as usual. I’ve tried several days to leave comments, but for some reason it doesn’t always work for me. I don’t know if it’s my browser or what.

  4. Lea,
    this is a great post…if only more people would read it!
    I wanted to let you know that I’ve added your blog to the list on blogs I follow on Wandering Sage Wisdom
    in peace,

  5. I liked this post 🙂

    I was curious if you’ve thought about updating your blog layout? There are a lot of sleeker, easier to read styles available. And if you wanted to personalize it to reflect to ocean theme, that’s easy too.

    I was bored at work and did a quick, sloppy mock-up of this:

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    Either way, I think a more eye-friendly layout would encourage readers (especially the ones more attracted to shiny pretty thins at first) to hang around more. Just something I thought I’d share. If you do want to change and need any help making banners or something, I’m around for free.

  6. I find that when I follow my Bliss and do what I love, I am able to transcend both ego and time. There’s also much truth in the old adage, Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow.

  7. Hello Lea,

    So in a nutshell, ‘Love’ is the keystone of the whole process, isn’t it?

  8. Hi Hicham

    It’s good to see you, it’s been a while. I belief that love is the source of everything. If you truly have love, you will experience acceptance, joy and enthusiasm. All of which diminishes the ego.

    Have a great weekend Hicham 😀

  9. Thank you, Lea. Wonderful work.
    …so it is so in all things. When true to your nature, not our ego, any endeavor is effortless, even giving us energy as we flow.

    I have encountered two other conditions–not quite true to my nature–one neither takes or gives me energy. At worst, working contrary to myself, the effort takes an inordinate amount of energy from me.

    blessings to you and all you hold dear,

  10. Hi CG

    I agree, going against your nature requires more energy from you than going with your inner urgings. It can be a challenge to follow your heart at times, especially if it goes against expectations of other people in your life or what you were taught you should do.

    Thank you for sharing your experience CG. Have a wonderful weekend 😀


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