Posted by: Lea | February 9, 2009

Meditation-Astral Body

Are you aware that you have several bodies, not just the physical form you see in the mirror? Here are parts 8 and 9 of the video series How to Meditate. Both videos explains the astral body and how you can do astral travel. Some really good information is shared here.

How to meditate part 8

YouTube has a limit on how long a video can be, which I believe the limit is up to ten minutes. So this second video is only about 3 minutes in length, but finishes talking about the astral body that they were unable to get into the video above due to YouTubes policy.

How to meditate part 9



  1. I’ve added your wonderful, resourceful website to my blogroll. Would you consider a return link? Either way, thanks so much for dropping by Confessions of a Mystic.

  2. Hi Lea,
    Thank you for these videos. I felt so relaxed just watching them. I am sorry I have not been by to visit lately. I got so use to the entrecard dropping as a way to connect. I just put you on the blogs I am following.
    Take Care,
    Janet 🙂


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