Posted by: Lea | February 4, 2009

Cleansing Etheric-State of No Thought

The mind is nothing but thoughts that run in cycles of one thought after another. Some have compared this to a monkey that jumps from one tree to another.

Meditation slowly takes you from body consciousness to mind consciousness and then to Self consciousness. Learning to calm and control the mind is often the challenge most face when starting their meditation practice. When you find your attention wondering, gently return your focus to your practice without resisting your thoughts. Just let the thoughts go.

To go beyond the mind, it’s necessary to still all body movement and quiet the mind. Then it’s time to start observation of the self by observing your normal flow of breath as you inhale and exhale. Slowly you will go beyond thought.

This 4th video in this series is about the no thought, cosmic energy and the ethereal.

How to meditate part 4

The next video reviews what has been learned so far. I hope you are enjoying these videos and that you are finding them informational and helpful.

How to meditate part 5



  1. Hi Lea,

    I like how you described meditation. Sometimes it IS like watching a monkey go from tree to tree, but when we learn not to watch and detach, we are taken to another realm of consciousness that is blissful.


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