Posted by: Lea | January 28, 2009

Do Plants Sense Our Intentions?

In many of my posts, I’ve stated that thoughts are energy that we transmit out into our environment and collectively into the world.

I’ve heard about plants responding to our voices and the suggestion that we can improve a plant’s health by talking to them. This video demonstrates how plants react to the energy of our thoughts. I found it rather interesting and I hope you do too.

Plants can sense human intentions

What do you think about the demonstrations shown in the video?



  1. This is interesting and certainly affirms my view of the universe. And I love that SPOCK narrates!

    However, I would need to know more in order to evaluate it’s scientific process, including assumptions, control groups and whether it can or has been duplicated. I only say this because the material is presented as if it were scientifically accurate.

    And as with most things we can’t see, science operates in conjecture rather than proof. Faith is more telling and perhaps more appropriate for discerning these truths.

  2. Yeah I was finally able to see a video, have no clue why I couldn’t before. That was interesting I’ve never been great with plants, but I have a friend that swears her’s are her best friends and I certainly know they thrive. I’ve tried to talk to mine and even play music for them, but like I said they eventually died maybe they knew I didn’t know what I was doing. Take care Lea. I’m using IE so that’s probably why I can’t see your widget I’ll try FF later.