Posted by: Lea | January 19, 2009

Detoxing Your Soul

Understanding Your Sensitivity

Before you will be able to achieve your best, you have to know what triggers the best in you by understanding your sensitivity. Be completely honest about your life and have the courage to change what is not working.

Only when you are cleared, of anything or anyone that does not reflect who you are at your highest level, will you be at your most effective and most powerful. When you are cleared and surrounded by the most favorable conditions for your true nature, you can expect to receive the most positive responses from the world around you.

Everything in the universe has its own energy, whether it’s a living organism or material. Some energies are compatible with your energy and some are not. Whenever possible, it’s important to avoid energy that affects you negatively.

Your sensitivity is your best guide for clearing your inner self. If you want to feel good, change how you feel about the world and start spending time around the people and places that make you feel good. Avoid the ones that don’t whenever possible.

When you start to eliminate the toxic conditions from your life and make changes in old behavior patterns, you will begin to appreciate how much of a negative impact they were on your life.

Unhappiness Equals the Size of the Lie You Are Living

When you accept what your sensitivity is telling you, you will need to face some truths as they’re revealed. Anything that is out of sync with your natural vibrational flow will cause an imbalance in you, which in turn will cause you pain. The world is neutral and takes its cue from you. What you transmit outward is what you attract back to you. It is important to discover who you truly are, know your value and then live it.

Many people are unhappy in their jobs or relationships because they identify with a one dimensional role instead of being their fully rounded true selves.

It’s not necessarily required that you change your environment. The requirement is getting your environment to honor and reflect your inner self. As you develop your inner self, you will begin to feel strong enough to be your total self wherever you are.

Allowing Change

When detoxing your inner self, there will be certain parts of your old lifestyle that will need to be let go. It’s necessary to accept change as a vital part of your life. Accept without resistance the inevitable breaking away of illusory structures. Recognizing and getting rid of old patterns, habits, beliefs, fears, etc., that no longer serve you.

The reward will be your ability to fully experience and enjoy life.  



  1. Hi Lea,
    I have tried for years to detox my inner self and remove myself from negativity, but being unipolar hasn’t helped. I have studied ACIM and as long as I am steadfast it has helped, but when I start seeing this reality as the true one I fall right back into the human trap. Have a great day.


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