Posted by: Lea | January 12, 2009

TV-Education-Mass Media

I just had to share this video that gives a look into why people in power would want to control what we think.

As I watched this, I remembered reading, decades ago, how people in power do not want higher education to be available for everyone, but only for an elite few.

This video explains why and how they do it. It is well worth watching.

Mind Control – TV Education – Mass Media



  1. Great food for thought. I don’t watch much TV, but still get caught up in other types of amusement. I was surprised to hear the speaker mention reading newspapers alongside reading books, as I would have included newspapers in mass media.

  2. I couldn’t get the video to work, but I’ve read about brain washing techniques before by the media. I take what I read in the news and view on television with a grain of salt. Take care Lea…Jude

  3. Hi Lea!
    Great video. Like a cold shower for the brain.
    The idea is as old as the human civilization.
    The Romans had a saying: Give the people bread and circus!
    Keep the population ignorant in order to control it and manipulate it.
    Final proof:
    Obama is sending his kids to the best private schools!


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