Posted by: Lea | December 23, 2008

Meditation Techniques

If you’re beginning a meditation practice, you might find it challenging to be quiet and remain still. If you encountered problems through the course of your day, it can be even harder to get your mind to settle down and your body to relax completely. So I’ve made a list of techniques that can help get you into a meditative mode. Whether you’re just starting with meditation or have been doing it for a while, but find you have difficulty settling into meditation from time to time, these can help.

Counting Your Breath

As you breath, count each breath in and out as one.  Silently count your breath up to ten. Continue counting your breaths, but count from ten back down to one. Repeat this process until you notice your counting slipping away as you connect with your internal rhythm. Continue to focus on the rise and fall of your breath. Become one with it.

>Spaced Breathing

Taking as much time as possible between your breaths.  Your infinite self lives in the spaces between your breath. Breathing gently and slowly, count to five while inhaling, hold your breath to the count of five, then count to five while exhaling. Repeat.

Breath with the Universe

Put your focus out into the universe. Feel the infinity of the Universe around you and imagine it breathing. Synchronize your breathing with the breath of the universe until you feel one with it. When you expand your energy out, then inward, you heighten your awareness of other dimensions of reality that we live in.

Meditating with Sound

You are made of light and sound, so when you open yourself up to  sound vibrations, you automatically change your state of consciousness. Words have a bio chemical affect on our entire body and systems. Using mantras is a powerful transformation technique.

  • Mantras-Aligning your breathing with a silent repetition of a sound, word or phrase, your inner rhythm will grow stronger.
  • Chanting-Chanting a word or sound out loud (such as Om), it will vibrate through your entire body and energy field. Finding the right word or sound for you, will raise your own vibrations to a higher frequency.

Singing Bowls

If you prefer pure sound, you might want to try meditating to singing bowls. Each bowl has its own special sound and to produce sound, the bowl is rubbed or struck with a wooden stick. The east has used this technique for thousands of years for their trance states.


Beat a drum in rhythm with your breath or heartbeat to send yourself into a deep meditative state. Drumbeats are grounding and liberating. You can feel their physical vibrations through your entire body and soul. The more advanced are able to go on Shamanic journeys using the stronger, more powerful beats of a drum. In your early practices, use a gentle drumbeat to connect with your inner world.

Guided Meditation, music, Nature sounds CDs

Many people who are just starting to practice meditation, find meditative music and nature sounds helpful for relaxing. Over time of continued practice, you will be able to easily relax and focus with or without these aids.



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  2. Wonderful information. We all need to be reminded of the many different ways to meditate. I think it is good to change it up once in a while, it seems to make me concentrate better. Thanks for sharing this.

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