Posted by: Lea | December 17, 2008

How Meditation Helps Us

Meditation is perhaps best known for its use in reaching enlightenment. It’s only recently that the science and the medical professions started studies of the health benefits of meditation. Spending ten to thirty minutes each day in solitude might be a challenge in your busy life, but it’s well worth making the time, even if you’re only interested in improving your health.

Benefits of Meditation

  • By spending time by ourselves, away from the daily demands on us and the causers of stress in our lives, we learn to relax and become calmer.
  • Better health due to a shift in brain activity from right frontal cortex (stress area) of the brain to the left frontal cortex (calmer area) of the brain, thus leading to improved psychological and physical health.
  • Becoming aware of negative thoughts and learning to control our thoughts, therefore controlling our minds.
  • Acquire perspective and detachment during the practice of meditation.
  • Heal old traumas as well as feelings that lead to depression or anxiety.
  • A better understanding of ourselves and who we are.
  • Awareness of the world around us and its dualities/opposites.
  • Stimulates our creativity.


  1. I always enjoy reading your posts if only it was so easy in times of personal turmoil. I was on a path of self discovery and peace until my Son and even though I have tried I still revert to much pain and heartache because it should be me and not him. I have had my life I guess it could be attributed to the survival syndrome. At any rate I am fine and hope you are coping also.

  2. I’ve been practicing meditation for more than 20 years and I’m still at the very tip of discovering the benefits of meditation!


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