Posted by: Lea | December 13, 2008

Change Suffering Into Happiness

To expand on my topics inspired by Eckhart Tolle, Wayne W. Dyer and other inspirational personal transformation sources, I’m presenting you with a video on The Second Noble Truth. Just like my posts regarding ego, identity, attachments and their connection to suffering, The Four Noble Truths are Buddhist principles that explain what causes suffering and offers guidelines for achieving peace, wisdom and happiness.

I hope you enjoy it.



  1. Greetings – thank you for offering to host videos on the four noble truths. I would like to clarify the phrase “attracting happiness”, which you used with the best of intentions. I would suggest the phrase is “achieving happiness” or “achieving peace and wisdom”. The risk is that “attracting” might sound like a probability game or perhaps an astrological recipe.

    According to Buddhist principles, suffering arises from ego (separation of self from the larger Self) and can also be described as the result of errors made in the past, leading to negative karma. In order to overcome that karma we have created, we need to live by principles that are in harmony with our innermost nature as compassionate, wise beings, and if we do so, we will eventually free ourselves from the cycle of repeated suffering and errors.

    The Four Noble Truths lay out the most fundamental foundation of the nature of life, death, suffering, and escape from suffering. The Eightfold Path, which are the core of the fourth of the Four Noble Truths, enumerates how to live an ennobled life that eventually can lead to an end of suffering.

    I hope you do not mind my focusing on the choice of words – obviously you have the highest intentions, but I would hate for a misperception to be instilled in readers who are trying to absorb the good things you have here.

  2. Hi David

    I agree with you, our choice of words can be misinterpreted no matter what our intention and meaning was. Thank you for drawing my attention to my use of attracting in regard to the Four Noble Truths. I liked your suggestions much better and I used them both.

    Have a great weekend!


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