Posted by: Lea | December 3, 2008

Personal Transformation

Another perspective for personal growth and transformation based on You’ll See It When You Believe It-Wayne W. Dyer

  • Train yourself to think of yourself and others as formless beings. Every day take time to appraise yourself in terms of pure thoughts and feelings. Look at yourself while acting and interacting and feel what you are feeling. Observe yourself as you are going through motions.
  • Watch other people and take notice of how they sabotage their potential for happiness and success because they identify with their physical forms. With your close relationships, meet the ones you love with no restrictions and you will see that most of your differences are unimportant. The true being behind that form is much more than what your physical eyes see. Relate to that inner being.
  • Take steps to regularly go beyond your comfort zones. Listen to the real you inside who is encouraging you to rise above and go beyond yourself, instead of the old you who said you were unable or unfit for such a task. Ask yourself what patterns in your life you continuously repeat because that is where you are most comfortable? When you have an honest answer, take steps to retrain your thought process.  By raising yourself to new levels, you will create transformation in your life.
  • Do everything because you are everything. You are more than simply a sibling, parent, son/daughter, partner, your profession, or any of your various labels, interests and responsibilities. You are connected to the perfect intelligence that supports all physical forms, thus you are a part of it all. You have no limitations and no compartments, so stop labeling yourself as a means of identifying who you. You are not going to get it all, because you are already the “all.”
  • View your formless side as new and miraculous. Remember that your mind is capable of going beyond your physical form and that your body is mostly controlled by your mind.
  • Everyday, clear yourself of two ingredients that inhibits your personal transformation the most-negativity and judgment. The more negative your thoughts are, the more you will look solely at the physical side of yourself and behave in ways that is harmful to your body as well. Every negative thought is a suppressor to personal transformation. It keeps you blocked. If you are filled with negativity, you will be unable to attain the higher bountiful levels of happiness. Judging others is also a tremendous suppressor of your personal transformation. When judging someone, you do not mark the limits of him or her, you mark your own limits. When you catch yourself thinking, behaving in negative ways and judging, consider this an indication of where you are at this moment in your transformation and that you still have a room to grow. The things that bothers us the most about other people often are things we refuse to recognize in ourselves or something we need more of. Be more interested in what is causing you to feel judgmental than what is wrong with that person and practice the golden rule.
  • Pay attention to how you treat your physical body. As you practice the clearing process, you will find yourself becoming more and more in balance, improving your exercise habits and nutritional intake. As negativity and judgment leaves, so will habits of self abuse of your physical form. You will see old habits of physical destruction disappear and you will honor your form as a manifestation of you.
  • Allow time to meditate quietly by yourself. Meditation is a simple, yet powerful tool. Try various meditation styles and methods, adjusting or modifying to make your own meditation style. Miracles are waiting for you in that spectacular space.
  • Always be kind and understanding of yourself. If you behave in a way that you dislike, be kind to yourself. Be patient when you find it difficult to be saintly. It takes practice, practice, practice. Forgive yourself and use your negative actions as a reminder of where you are and where you are not. The more kind you are to yourself, the easier it will become for you to be kind to others.


  1. Hi Lea, I am a lover of all things Wayne Dyer but I have to say that the book you are quoting is by far my favorite. His books contain amazing insights and knowledge, I am so glad you have reminded me it is time to re-read this most inspiring book.

  2. Hi carol

    I find his book extremely helpful too. It’s one of the two I constantly refer back to. I’m always glad to help 🙂

    Have a great weekend filled with many blessings.


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