Posted by: Lea | November 5, 2008

Let’s Talk Reiki

As I progressed in my practice of meditation, I experienced my inner energy grow and gain strength. I noticed that this energy was the strongest in my hands and I could even feel it in the bottom of my feet, which surprised me.

My first experience at healing came while chatting with one of my friends over the internet, who was experiencing frequent pain, but was reluctant to go to the doctor. Needless to say, I repeatedly encouraged her to see her physician, which eventually she did. During one such discussion though, we did an experiment to see if I could send healing energy her way for the purpose of easing her pain.

I took a moment to center myself and when I felt the energy in my hands, I used visualization to channel healing energy from the universe (God or whatever your belief or preference is) through me to my friend. After about three minutes of this, she told me she could feel the energy and that her pain was gone.

As a child I had a desire to be able to heal by using my hands, like what was reported in the Bible. This experiment with my friend verified for me that it was possible.

I took Reiki classes while in India, because I wanted  additional knowledge about healing, some techniques and to strengthen my self confidence as a healer.

For those of you who might have heard of Reiki, but have not read about it, Reiki, pronounced ray key, is a hands on healing technique that originated in Japan and its name comes from the Japanese words for free passage (rei) and vital life force energy (ki).

Reiki works through the transference or channeling of energy from the healer to the patient for the purpose of balancing their life force energy, therefore strengthening this natural energy within the human body and is also used on animals such as pets.

Since Reiki uses the natural life force to heal, it’s a natural holistic healing method for body, mind and spirit. Reiki healers usually practice on themselves daily to maintain health. If the healing energy isn’t needed in one area, it will move to an area that does need healing. If no healing is needed, performing Reiki will keep your life energy strong.

Reiki can safely be used with medical treatments, spiritual healing, auras, crystals, chakra balancing, meditation, aromatherapy, naturopathy and homeopathy.

Anyone can learn to perform any of the energy healing methods such as Reiki for self healing, healing family and friends or even become a practitioner.

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  1. What can I say except: Wow! And I wish you lived close by when I get pains from time to time :o)

  2. Hi Ivanhoe

    That’s the beauty of energy/spiritual healing, you don’t have to be close by in order to heal someone. It’s just as powerful when done as “distance healing.” The friend I mentioned in the post was located in the UK. Another friend I later sent healing energy to was in Australia. Both was done from the US, before I went to India.

  3. Hi Lea, thank you for the kind offer of putting a link on your site to my last blog post, the link would be most appreciated.

    I have become very interested in Reiki of late , and this is another great example of the law of attraction in action. Just last night I was telling my sister that I want to learn more about Reiki, this morning I saw your comment on my blog and came here to respond to your offer and what did I find? A post on Reiki. That tells me that this is something that I definately need to follow up on.

    You did not mention any resources in your post, could you recommend any websites, books or teachers that have help you? I would prefer have some recommendations, rather than just searching Google.
    Thanks, great post.

  4. Hi Carol

    I took my Reiki classes while in India, so I’m not familiar with classes available here in the States. As far as books and DVDs there are a few through Amazon that I recommend.

  5. Lea, I didn’t know that you are a healer except after reading this excellent post.

    I’ve read about this over the internet and I do believe that we didn’t discover many things in the world with science only, which I’m not against it for sure.

  6. Hi Hicham

    Science has helped in many ways through vaccines and so forth. Unfortunately, the positive wonders of science caused people to put all their health needs in the hands of science and physicians and they lost contact with their own self healing abilities.

    I see no reason why we can’t take the positive from medical science, herbal remedies and our natural healing energy for ailments and health conditions. Sometimes it takes a combination to achieve the best results.

    Thank you for your comment Hicham. Many blessings

  7. I agree and it’s ridiculous to think that this we discovered everything in this wide universe; the parapsychological part of the world is still unrevealed.

    For example, why do animals feel the disasters like earthquakes before us? The sixth or seventh sense, and so on.

  8. Hi Hicham

    You speak the truth. By far there is much to discover and learn, especially awareness and knowledge of our true inner being and powers such as the parapsychological.

    Like other animals, our ancestors were in tune with the energy vibrations of our world and possibly the universe, thus they could also sense changes coming. Unfortunately, man has moved away from nature and this awareness (sixth sense).

    It would be of great benefit to us, as well as our planet, if we were to collectively return to this awareness.

    It’s always a pleasure exchanging thoughts and knowledge with you Hicham. Thank you for taking part and sharing.

    Many blessings


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