Posted by: Lea | October 21, 2008

The Mind’s Illusion

Life is an illusion that we create and take part in. That might be a little hard to understand. With the current trend on the law of attraction, more people are trying to exercise this concept. Karma has its influence too though. The challenge in karmic situations is to create something positive from it. For many, that takes practice to accomplish.

It can be difficult to stay positive and exercise your ability to create a better life for yourself when your in a situation of restriction and limitations with no idea as to how to change it any time soon. It’s a whole lot easier to get ourselves into a bad situation than it is to get out. It’s like being in quicksand. You step nonchalantly in, but you’re unable to simply step back out as the earth threatens to pull you under.

In the beginning, you may know what you want, but might feel at a loss as to how you can initiate the changes you desire because of the responsibilities and restrictions in your life. It’s important not to give up on our goals, as things can and often do change. We also can get frustrated because it’s not happening as quickly as we feel it should or would like it to.

Have you heard the sayings “it takes time,” or “have patience?” Patience has been a hard thing for me to learn, though I am getting better at it. I think that was one good lesson from my time in India. India has a different sense of time and a slower pace. So it’s just easier on you if you learn patience.

As with most people, I have found myself in difficult situations and had restrictions that prevented me from immediately initiating what I felt was needed to make the desired changes. With each situation, I remember saying, “It won’t always be like this.” Though I didn’t know at the time how or when things would change. In time, things did change for the better. An opportunity came in some form that wasn’t available before.

Having goals, positive thoughts, patience and being in the moment allows you  to see  merging opportunities. Next time your stressing yourself out, remind yourself that “it won’t always be this way.” That is truth.



  1. It’s important not to give up on our goals, as things can and often do change.

    Change is the only constant in the Universe. Whenever I am in a less than desirable situation, I remind myself: this too shall pass.

    I also like to write down goals and intentions. The clearer, the better. By doing so, it’s like I’m dialing in a direction that the Universe can then easily get on board and support.

  2. Hi earthmother

    True. At the moment, it may seem as though things will never change, but eventually they do.

    Good suggestion. If nothing else, it should help one stay focused, which in itself can help us initiate the necessary changes. Many blessings

  3. Hi Lea. I don’t believe in giving up however we are humans not machines so we have our good times and bad ones too.

    The important thing is to look for the legal and honest way to achieve whatever we want to and nothing is impossible yet it takes sometime to acheive it.

    I know life is hard, strange but true so c’est la vie.

  4. Hi Hicham

    Very true on all points Hicham. When we’re feeling down, sometimes its hard to remember that life is like a roller coaster. You go up and down, then repeat. I’m glad to see that your feeling better. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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