Posted by: Lea | October 4, 2008

Pieces of Truth

Finding a Piece of the Truth

One day Mara the Evil One, was traveling through villages of India with his attendants. He saw a man doing walking meditation whose face was lit up in wonder. The man had just discovered something on the ground in front of him. Mara’s attendant asked what that was and Mara replied, “A piece of truth.”

“Doesn’t this bother you when someone finds a piece of truth, O Evil One?” his attendant asked. “No,” Mara replied. “Right after this, they usually make a belief out of it.”

Often truth comes in bits and pieces. Its only when we have all the pieces that we have the whole.



  1. After a hectic week of confusing news and a bit too much stress and disappointment, these short stories ring especially true. Perspective matters.

    By the way, great sceen image. Very calming.

  2. Hello Eric

    I’m glad you found the story helpful. Indeed, perspective makes all the difference. Thank you for stopping by and for sharing. I hope you have a better week.


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