Posted by: Lea | September 16, 2008

Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga

If you ask anyone who does Yoga what they like about it, you will get a response like, I feel good afterward. Whatever your reasons might be for starting Yoga, you will learn to be aware of you body and to listen to the subtle messages it sends you. Here are some health benefits of Yoga.

Body Function

Strengthens, Balances/Normalizes:

• Autonomic nervous system
• Gastrointestinal function
• Endocrine function
• Excretory functions
• Weight
• Sleep


• Brains Alpha waves
• Galvanic Skin Response/GSR (change in the electrical resistance of the skin that is a physiochemical response to emotional arousal which increases sympathetic nervous system activity)
• Cardiovascular efficiency
• Respiratory efficiency
• Musculoskeletal flexibility and range of motion
• Dexterity, Eye-hand coordination and Reaction time
• Posture
• Strength and resiliency
• Endurance
• Energy level
• Immunity
• Depth perception
• Balance and Steadiness


• Pulse rate
• Respiratory rate
• Blood Pressure
• EMG (muscle activity)
• Pain



• Somatic and kinesthetic awareness
• Mood and sense of well-being
• Self-acceptance and actualization
• Social adjustment and skills
• Attention, Concentration, Memory and Learning
• Flicker fusion frequency (related to persistence of vision)


• Hostility, Anxiety and Depression

Body Chemistry


• Glucose
• Sodium
• Triglycerides
• Total cholesterol
• LDL cholesterol (harmful cholesterol)
• VLDL cholesterol
• Catecholamines
• Total white blood cell count


• Cholinesterase
• ATPase
• Hematocrit
• Hemoglobin
• HDL cholesterol (beneficial cholesterol)
• Lymphocyte count
• Thyroxin
• Vitamin C
• Total serum protein



  1. Hello again, thanks again for leaving the information on my site. I just read through what you have written and I must say, that I did not know this. My wife does yoga at work (they have a class at lunch) and she really likes it and she says it makes her feel better. I guess I should try it too. Thanks again:)

  2. Hi tahtimbo

    I’m glad I could be of help. I think you will like yoga. Many celebrities use Yoga to keep themselves fit too. For my self, I can’t imagine going back to an exercise routine. Thank you for coming by and best wishes with your goals.

  3. I know you have already been nominated for the I Love Your Blog award, but I decided to list you as one of my favorites too and nominated you on my site. Thanks for your informative posts. 🙂


    Dianas last blog post..I Love Your Blog Award

  4. Hi Diana

    Thank you so much for thinking of me, I’m honored and appreciate it very much.


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