Posted by: Lea | September 14, 2008

A Great Teacher Visits A Cobbler

This is one of the few Hindu stories I’ve been able to find here in the US. Though Hinduism has many Gods and Goddesses, each is a manifested aspect of the supreme being. Vishnu is one of three Gods in the Hindu Supreme Triad.

A Hindu story

“I have just been to see Vishnu,” said the teacher. “And he thought you might have some questions.” The cobbler’s mind went blank; but he dredged up a question. “What was Vishnu doing when you saw him?” he asked at last. “He was threading an elephant through the eye of a needle,” came the answer. “Oh yes. Only Vishnu could do that!” the cobbler laughed.

”Surely you don’t believe it,” said the teacher, “I was just teasing.” “But why can’t he?” asked the cobbler, picking up a seed from beneath the banyan tree that was shading them. “Inside this seed is a tree as big as this one. If Vishnu can squeeze a whole banyan tree into such a tiny seed, then surely he can thread an elephant through the eye of a needle.” And the teacher realized that this was a wise man because he could see the hand of God in everything.



  1. This was great. God is in everything and so are we.
    We are one with God and everything in the universe. I just love knowing that this is true!

    I have tagged you so come by and see.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Hi AngelBaby

    I’m glad you liked the story. It is a helpful reminder. I got the information for the meme from your site and will be posting it on Wednesday. Thank you for the tag and have a great day.

  3. Never heard this one before. LOVE this story! Thank you for sharing it.

    Any word yet on your dear Mother’s biopsy?

    earthmothers last blog post..The Dawn of Awakening

  4. Hi earthmother

    It’s nice to see you again and I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

    As far as my mother, they said that there had been another mix up with her CAT scan results, so a biopsy was not necessary. Thank you for remembering and asking about her. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Have a great day filled with many blessings.


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