Posted by: Lea | August 29, 2008

Destroying Your Enemy

“How many enemies, boundless as the sky, might I destroy? Yet when the thought of hatred is abolished, all enemies are destroyed.-Santideva

“How will hatred ever leave anyone who forever thinks: He abused me; he hit me; he lied to me; he robbed me? There is an enduring law: hatred never ceases through hatred; hatred only ceases through love.-Buddha



  1. Beautiful quotes…
    They resonate with me. Only the light of forgiveness (specifically “self” forgiveness..because at a level of the consciousness that we are, there really are no others) can restore us to our natural state of love. All “others” are here as mirrors to show us some unconscious aspect of ourselves that is in need of healing. I find that if I entertain such labels as enemies, attackers, etc, then I create a world where there has to be “victims” as well. Without a perception that paints it as otherwise, all things are equal and none of us are weak. I feel so much more aligned with my truth when I see that people are not “good” or “bad” but rather “divine” and that “violence” occurs when a being has unconsciously become reactive and stepped out of the flow. This thought helps me to shift my perception ❤
    Thank you , again for posting these beautiful reminders! ~Peace!

    • Thank you for sharing your wonderful perspectives Angelina. If everyone were to practice this, then Earth truly would be a paradise.


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