Posted by: Lea | August 24, 2008

The Lost Son

A young widower, who loved his five year old son very much, was away on business when bandits came, burned down the whole village and took his son away. When the man returned, he saw the ruins and panicked. He took the burnt corpse of an infant to be his son and cried uncontrollably. He organized a cremation ceremony, collected the ashes and put them in a beautiful little bag which he always kept with him.

Soon afterward, his real son escaped from the bandits and found his way home. He arrived at his father’s new cottage at midnight and knocked at the door. The father, still grieving asked: “Who is it?” The child answered, it is me papa, open the door!” But in his agitated state of mind, convinced his son was dead, the father thought that some young boy was making fun of him. He shouted: “Go away” and continued to cry. After some time, the child left. Father and son never saw each other again.

Sometime, somewhere, you take something to be the truth. If you cling to it so much, even when the truth comes in person and knocks on your door, you will not open it.-Buddha



  1. Hi Lea,

    This is such a wonderful story about the lost son. It just goes back to living in the moment…..not the past…..not the future. Thanks for sharing this .

    Valarie Budayrs last blog post..What’s Your Virtual Water Footprint ?

  2. Hello Valarie

    I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I found your article thought provoking as well. Thank you for coming by. Have a great weekend.

  3. This is a very sad story but also very instructive. Too often we base our actions on wrong assumptions.

    Simons last blog post..Alignment

  4. Hi Simon

    Very true. Assumptions, quick conclusions and blind belief in them often are our biggest downfalls.

  5. What a sadly beautiful (or beautifully sad) (or sad and beautiful) story. It makes me think of the things we think we lose in childhood, when we become embittered, thinking that they’re gone, when really we’re only afraid to let them out…..

    YogaforCynicss last blog post..Is That Supposed To Be Funny??!!

  6. HI Dr. Jay

    It is a sad story, yet a very good example of how we can close ourselves because we believe we already have the truth.

  7. We should never conclude before knowing all the facts or even on hear and say basis. They can actually get you nowhere and through loads of pain. I have gone through something of this kind and believe me that was bad..Lets not have built up conclusions…thanks dear.

    • I do think it’s a human trait, but as this story points out, it’s best to always be open to more information. Though we might think we have all the facts, often times it turns out we don’t.


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