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Awareness flows into our world through three energy vibration frequencies connected to your actions and as a result will flow through you into that which you are doing as well as unite your life with the creative power of the universe. This is the fundamental energy frequency that flows into what you do and unites your actions with the awakened awareness that is gradually entering the world. What you do will be impaired and of the ego unless it occurs with of one of these three states of Being. They might change throughout the day and one of them may be foremost during a particular phase in your life. Each state of being is suitable for certain circumstances.

The elements of doing things in an awakened state are acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm. Each one corresponds to the particular frequency of energy vibrations of consciousness. You will need to be alert to make sure that you’re using one of them each time you are involved in doing any activity from the easiest to the most difficult. If you are not acting from any one of these states, acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm, then taking a close look should show you that you are creating suffering for yourself and for others.


Acceptance is achieved by telling your self that “for this moment or period of time, the current circumstances require that I do this and therefore I readily do it. When you don’t enjoy doing a certain task or activity, at least accept that this is something you have to do. You most likely have heard the importance of accepting whatever happens. Acceptance of what you have to do is simply another feature of that. Performing your activities in a state of acceptance allows you to be at peace while you are doing them. The peace that you feel is a subtle energy vibration that will flow into whatever you are doing. You might think that acceptance is the same as being passive, where actually it’s dynamic and creative. It brings something totally new into the world. The subtle energy vibration coming from peace is consciousness and one of the ways it enters this world is through surrendered acts such as acceptance.

Unless you are able to perform your activities with either joy or acceptance, you will not be able to take responsibility for the only thing you can really be responsibility for, your state of consciousness.



  1. Hi Lea,
    Sorry to be off topic, but I haven’t forgotten about your award. I posted my answers here:

    I just hadn’t thought of who to pass it on to yet.

    Thank you for the great award. 🙂

    Bradleys last blog post..Depression Sucks

  2. Hi Bradley

    No problem. I understand the challenge. Good luck.

  3. I have never though of acceptance as being so important before. This was just a wonderful surprise. I love the idea and I am going to try it. Thanks for sharing this.

    Love and Blessings,

  4. Hi Angelbaby

    Nice to see you again. I know…I didn’t realize until recently how the state of acceptance affects our consciousness either. But when I read it, I could feel the truth in it and it also made sense. Many blessings Angelbaby.

  5. Brilliant – this and nos 2 & 3, puts perfectly into words a way of connecting with life and it’s energy that I have come to believe more and more to be key in reaching one’s true state of consciousness.

    Rogers last blog post..What’s your problem?

  6. Hello Roger

    We tend to lose ourselves in our expectations and that of society and family. Its time for us to remember what really is important and find our way back to our true being and happiness. I hope the parts to this article helped in some way towards that goal. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I hope to see you again. Many blessings


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