Posted by: Lea | August 13, 2008

Abundance Through Harmony

Abundance isn’t obtained; it’s a matter of being in harmony with. Everything is energy, the human form, possessions; absolutely everything vibrates with an energy frequency.

The most important step for being in harmony with abundance requires giving thanks for everything that you are at this moment and everything that you have right now. Be thankful for the marvel that you are. Make an effort to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have or feel you are missing. Nothing is missing! You’re just aligned with the wrong frequency, the wrong vibrations.

When you focus on being thankful for things like the water you drink, the sun that brings light and warmth, everything that you might take for granted, you will be using your thoughts to stay on abundance and your being. As you do this, your energy will shift to the miracle of your being. When focusing on the wonder that you are, it’s impossible to focus on what seems to be missing.

It’s easy to take every day things for granted. Being from the U.S., I was totally unprepared for water being unavailable from time to time in India. These periods would last anywhere from an hour to several days, depending on the cause. I suddenly had an appreciation for water being available when I needed it! The same went for electricity.

As you continue in your practice of gratitude, add to the list of things that you are thankful for. Friends, family, clothes, food, any money you do have, all of your possessions, every single thing that has come into your life for you to use while you are here. Start to focus on how thankful you are to have these things in your life now and when you need them. Since nothing is permanent in this world, think of them as things that are yours to use for the time being.

A suggestion here regarding people you might see as enemies or problematic. Whenever you think of the other person involved and you start thinking about what they did or said that hurt or angered you, bless them. This may sound corny or even ridiculous, but blessing those you consider enemies or troublesome, changes your thought vibrations and therefore, initiates changes in the vibrations you send outward, thus creating a more positive atmosphere. You don’t have to be religious or spiritual for this to work. When others see a positive change in your behavior, this often times will encourage a positive reaction from them.

Whatever you focus your thoughts on, is what will grow in abundance. That reality is why people who focus on their debts instead of what money they do have, create more debts because of their observations of lack and the need for more. Where those who focus on what money they do have, will find ways of using it and using it in positive ways will help it to grow. We act on our thoughts and as we act out our thoughts, they become our daily experience.

The energy frequency or vibrations that we give off are created by our thoughts and how our thoughts interpret our observations of the world. That is why if you view the world through only observations of what you don’t have, then that is what will continue to develop in your life through a need to own things, which in turn creates the never satisfied and never enough syndrome. (Buddha taught that desire and wanting creates suffering).

Daily practice of gratitude and focusing on what you do have right now, initiates a change in your thought process. Once you have taught yourself this process of being thankful for everyone and everything that comes into your life, as well as being grateful for your very existence, thus changing your way of thinking and the frequency of your energy vibrations, you will become aligned and in tune with the frequency of abundance.



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