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Ego’s Relationship With Suffering

Depending on how the word “I” is used, it can represent the greatest mistake or  the  genuine truth. With the most prevalent use, “I” is the most regularly used word, along with words such as me, my, mine and myself. It’s also one of the most deceptive. In normal everyday use, “I” symbolizes an ancient inaccuracy of who we are and is an illusion. This particular “I” is the mind and ego.

Ego is an illusion of consciousness. It’s this illusion of self that becomes the foundation for all future understanding or delusions of reality, thought processing, interactions and relationships. But if you are able to recognize this false impression as illusion, ego will shrink and eventually disappear.

During childhood, the unlimited power of who we truly are gets lost in identification with our mind and what our mind identifies with. A name, a body, gender, objects, possessions, nationality, race, religion and profession are things we become identified with through the mind. A person who is aware and enlightened will still use the word “I,” but the reference will come from a deeper consciousness.

Many will continue to associate “I” with the continuous, recurring thoughts of their mind, the emotions that their thoughts create and remain unaware to their true inner being.

The mind and ego is shaped entirely by the past, made of content and structure. Content is formed by one’s environment, upbringing and culture, where structure is identification with things outside ourselves. By trying to find oneself in things, not achieving or moderately achieving them and losing one self in them, is what causes immense suffering.

Advertisers understand that to sell their products to people that really don’t need them, it’s necessary to persuade them that these things will enhance how they see themselves or how others see them, thus adding to their sense of self, but the self is only the ego’s sense of self.

The ego identifies with having, but satisfaction with having is superficial and fleeting. Hidden in the ego is a deep-rooted sense of unhappiness, incompleteness, not enough and conflicting wants.

It’s possible to gain control over the mind by paying attention to your thoughts at any given moment. Doing this allows awareness to come in. With practice, this awareness will become stronger and more consistent.

Are you able to see where the mind and ego are in control by the actions of politicians, governments and individuals in the news or in your neighborhood?

“Thinking without awareness is the main dilemma of human existence.”

“Life isn’t as serious as my mind makes it out to be.”

Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth.



  1. Definitely gives a person a lot to think about within this article…thank you for sharing it.

  2. Hello Sassy Mama Bear

    It’s nice to see you. It might seem strange when we hear someone say, pay attention to your thoughts and talk about controlling one’s mind. Unless we do though, our mind will run wild like an uncontrolled child and trigger reactionary emotions in us. Thank you for stopping by and for your views. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. I have never looked at the word I like this before. From now on I will look at the word I with a new consciousness. Monitoring my though is something I have done for a long time. It is amazing how quick I have become at changing negative thoughts to positive and uplifting thoughts, changing my day completely at the same time.

    Love and Blessings,

  4. Hi AngelBaby

    Its nice to see you again. I know what you mean. I too have practiced awareness of my thoughts and correcting any negatives that filter in for awhile. After reading about the mind and ego aspects though, I now find myself asking “is this ego talking?”

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  6. It’s interesting that I should come across this post today. I’ve been feeling very frustrated recently by unfulfilled ambitions, and not sure where I should concentrate my efforts. What did I really *want* anyway? So I sat down this morning and asked to align my will with that of the universe/my higher self, however you want to describe it. I found this to be a very liberating experience, like a great weight (the ego, I guess) has lifted from my shoulders. I expect the ego to reassert itself (as it always tends to!) but I know now what I have to do if I want to liberate myself again. If only the ego doesn’t entice me into forgetting…

    I discovered you through bloggerstunion (where does he get these names?) and have voted for your post.

    Simons last blog post..Ten Words That Can Heal The World

  7. Hello Simon,

    Yes, ego is something we have to be aware of continuously. The more we practice being aware of our ego mind, the more power the ego will lose until we (our inner awareness) has full power over ego instead of vice versa.

    Thank you for your vote for Ocean Of Perspectives. I truly appreciate it. Many blessings


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