Posted by: Leona (Lea) | August 24, 2011

Theologist’s Perspective-Rick Perry as a Prophet

I am skeptical when any one tries to come across as a prophet. Not because I don’t believe in such. It’s because true prophets don’t label themselves as prophets. They just share the truth with all who are willing to listen. They don’t discriminate between rich or poor, color of skin, or the various religious sects and so forth. They also back up their words with action. They live what they teach others.  And most certainly, Allah, Brahman, God, Jehovah, and other names of the supreme being, does not stand behind a politician. Sorry, but Godliness and politics do not go hand in hand.

In the following video, Jake who is a Theologian, shares his perspectives on Rick Perry’s claim to being a Prophet.

God & Jake tell Rick Perry to shut up

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