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Does Telepathy Really Work?

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy means to be affected by and refers to the transferring of thoughts, (reading minds/thoughts), or feelings between individuals without using the five senses of hearing, seeing, touch, taste or smell.

If I were to watch a performance of someone who claimed they could randomly read peoples thoughts, anywhere and at anytime, I would be skeptical. I say this despite my own experience of having “read” what another person was thinking. To me the difference is that the other person involved was someone I felt close to and in “tune” with on many levels. I believe that makes a difference as to whether someone is able to read someone’s mind. To explain, I will use my experience as an example as to why I do believe this is possible in certain situations.

This experience took place in India with a close friend of mine. This particular friend and I bonded almost immediately after we met and spent a lot of time talking, exchanging views and ideas. As a note, I tried to learn Malayalam, but I wasn’t successful and failed to learn any of the Indian languages.

On this day my friend came to visit. While I made tea, he surfed TV channels for something interesting to watch. After selecting a program that was in one of the native languages, he turned to me and asked if the program was in Malayalam, to which I replied, “I don’t know.” He encouraged me to listen to the show to see if I could recognize if it was Malayalam or not. Out of courtesy, I did as he asked and after a moment I told him again that I didn’t know. He simply replied, “Listen.”

So I focused my mind on the dialog coming from the T.V. and mentally asked if they were speaking Malayalam. After a few minutes, I noticed the word no repeating in my thoughts, but I wasn’t confident that this was the correct answer, because I really didn’t understand any of the native languages. After a few moments, I finally told my friend it wasn’t Malayalam, to which he said, “That is correct!”

I can’t express how surprised I was by this. Then he went on to ask me “what language are they speaking?” I truly felt he was asking the impossible of me, but I humored him and again focused on the T.V. and mentally asked, what language are they speaking? This time the word Tamil kept entering my mind, so after a few moments I told him it was Tamil, to which he answered, “correct!” By this time I was totally amazed.

Remember, I’m unable to speak or understand any of India’s languages, not then, nor now. Though my friend speaks at least three, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam. I didn’t know the correct answers, but he did. If I didn’t know the languages, how was I able to choose the correct language spoken in the program? Where were the words I saw in my mind coming from? Obviously not from the TV.

Whenever you test someone, you already know the answer to the questions your asking. For example, a teacher asks a student, “what is one plus one.” The teacher already knows the correct answer, but they are testing the student to see if they know the correct answer too.

So as my friend asked me questions about the language used in that particular program, he had the correct answers in his mind. I got the answers not from recognizing any words I heard from the T.V. Instead I got the answers from words entering my mind, my thoughts. Therefore, I was picking up the energy of his thoughts.

Telepathy is possible between people who feel a strong connection that goes beyond the physical plane. I would though, to be a little skeptical of anyone who states they can read the mind of any person, anytime or any place.

Have you ever had an experience where you had answers that you knew didn’t come from your own knowledge?

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